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UCM AC Coil Specifications
Sealed Coil System

The UCM Sealed Coil System
Withstands salt water, abrasive atmospheres, chemicals and solvents.

Each order starts with a fully documented job card and a mock-up form to assure uniformity.


Conductors used are high conductivity 100% virgin copper, HD 3000 heavy enamel coated conductor is normally used or single or double glass over HD 3000 heavy enamel. Some applications may require mica turn taped conductors.

Coils are shuttle wound pressed to assure conductor alignment, dipped in varnish, and oven cured.

Leads are cleaned and coils are spread and checked in a form for proper shape and uniformity.

Coil leads are insulated using double sleeving or mica tape and a B-stage epoxy tape. A B-stage epoxy tape lead seal is placed in the lead breakout area to seal the coil where the lead exits.

Groundwall insulation consists of mica tape and wrapper combination. A B-stage epoxy tape is applied and a Dacron glass as an armor. The coils are dipped and baked in polyester varnish and oven cured.

For 6600 volts and up, a semi-conducting paint is applied to the slot section of the coil.

All coils are inspected for uniformity and numerous quality checks are performed during the manufacturing process.

Finished coils are hi-pot and surge tested to IEEE standards. A certification sheet of test performed and test values for installation is included with each shipment.

All coils are packed securely with foam and padding to assure against shipping damage.

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